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Meet our Team

Daniel Kelso

Daniel Kelso was born in small town Mt. Airy in North Carolina, otherwise known as Mayberry. Daniel had a wonderful childhood, supportive parents, and was active in sports from an early age. During high school he experimented with drugs and alcohol on a social level. After high school Daniel moved to Tennessee to attend college at Austin Peay State University and Middle Tennessee State University. While in college Daniel’s use of drugs and alcohol escalated and he found himself “in over his head”. Daniel found himself in legal trouble and full blown chemical dependency before he knew it. A failed attempt at recovery thrust him back into downward spiral. Daniel’s family knew something had to be done to help him. Daniel set out for California and was admitted in to an inpatient treatment program where he lived for over a year. While in treatment Daniel excelled and worked tirelessly toward his sobriety. After completing treatment he was offered the position of house manager. Daniel continued to excel and help the company grow to new heights. In March of 2018 Daniel had a great friend pass away from the disease of addiction by way of overdose.  At that point he felt like he had to do something more.  As fate would have it, at that very time a rekindled relationship from the past with Philip Mitchell was starting to brew.  The two of them started talking and Daniel visited Philip in “Gods Country” as he called it.  In October of 2018 Daniel left the comfort of a steady rewarding job to embark on a spiritual journey to help a many people as possible.  Daniel & Jake joined Philip in Ogden, Utah and Infinite Arches was born.


Christin Kelso



Christin Kelso was born and raised in Southern California. She had a pretty normal upbringing, loving parents and family. When she went away to college in Gunnison, Colorado that’s when she started having a little “too” much fun. It started normal enough but over the course of the 4 years of school, her partying progressed. The three years following graduation, her addiction started consuming and impacting her life in a negative way. She started experiencing severe anxiety and depression which was only “helped” yet exasperated by her addiction. She found her way to AA and has now been sober for nearly 20 years. When she met her now husband, Daniel Kelso, she was (re)submerged into helping others in sobriety. Christin has been extremely lucky to go on this journey with Daniel in hopes of creating an environment conducive to successful sobriety. Our goal is to teach people how to function in normal society, have fun, and most importantly... how to laugh. They hope to create a safe, clean, and comfortable environment that will speak to your spirit and ground you.

Philip Mitchell

Philip was born in the very small town of Selmer, Tennessee.  He grew up with the same group of friends all the way through high school and beyond.  He had a hard time finding ”his place” in life through his early 20's.  He had his battles with substances but ultimately decided to join the United States Air Force.  He was off to Utah to serve his country.  He served 4 years in the AF and then decided to get an education. He had attended school earlier in life but he wasn’t able to find what could truly grab his attention and hold it.  He solved that problem when he made the decision to go into social work.  He attended Weber State University where he received his Bachelors in Social Work (BSW).  He then went on to receive his Masters in Social Work (MSW) from the Graduate program at Our Lady of the Lake University.  In 2018 a relationship with Daniel Kelso was resurrected.  They were very close in college but as it happens they drifted apart.  It was almost serendipitous that they became reacquainted.  Philip was ready to move into a career of helping and Daniel was ready to start a program.  Ogden was the perfect place!


Jake Holmen

Jake Holmen was born into a middle class family in Chicago, IL.   He was exposed to addiction at a very early age as he watched his father battle Alcoholism.  By the age of 12 Jake was experimenting with drugs and alcohol. He struggled to get through school and by the time he graduated high school he found himself in the midst of full blown dependency.  Throughout his 20’s he found himself not only addicted but frequently in trouble with the law.  This phase lasted until late 2015 when Jake had lost yet another job, relationship, and place to live.  In a moment of clarity he made the decision to seek help.  Through divine intervention Jake was put in contact with Daniel Kelso.  He could relate with him and they hit it off from the first time they spoke.  The two of them spoke for a couple of days making sure it was the right spot for him to go.  He was ready to make this his one and only shot at getting sober.  Jake made his way to California and admitted himself into the treatment center that Daniel ran.  Jake had finally found a place where he truly felt he belonged.  After completing treatment he was offered the position of house manager.  Jake thrived and began to see a better life free from addiction.  Over the next couple of years he gained the trust of his family back, along with the praise and trust of those around him.  When the opportunity was given to move to Utah permanently and go on the adventure with Daniel & Philip he didn’t bat an eye.  Now he is flourishing on all levels in Ogden, he has found a spiritual rebirth in Utah that was an unexpected surprise.   Jake can not wait to make your experience at Infinite Arches, as the client or loving family member, nothing short of amazing!!!


Hannah Cross, LCSW


Hannah Cross is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is an Ogden native. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Weber State University and her Master’s of Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University. Hannah’s primary focus of her work is in trauma therapy and substance abuse treatment. She has most of her experience working with adults in substance abuse treatment and with incarcerated adolescents. She teaches hot yoga in Ogden and has found hot yoga to be an essential part of her own recovery. She was previously a nationally qualified competitor in the National Physique Committee and considers fitness, diet, and structure recovery-essentials, as well. She is a student of A Course in Miracles and bases much of work on the mind-consciousness-training principles and spiritual connection emphasized in the teaching of the Course. EMDR and DBT are her most-used modalities of treatment. In recent years, she has spoken about healing self-identity at a TEDx event. She is a long-time friend of Infinite Arches counselor Phillip Mitchell and believes there is not a more committed, open-hearted, and fun team than that which makes up the staff of Infinite Arches.